During a run

brain: why are you going so slow?
lungs: I currently hate you.
feet: I’m gonna turn into 10 pound weights now.
Legs muscles: I am going to start hurting in random places, kay?
Sidewalk: I really want to trip you in one of my holes or bumps.
People in cars: *hoooonk* Run Forrest Run!
People walking: nice ass baby
Me: Why do I do this to myself?
Me at end of run: I love running so much! I would never give this up!


Over sibelsavci

Sibel Savci - 23 years old - student digital marketing & communication @EHSAL Management School in Brussels - KDrama & KPop Addict! "K" stands for KOREAN <3

Geplaatst op 9 februari 2013, in From my Tumblr. Markeer de permalink als favoriet. Een reactie plaatsen.

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