Proud of myself!

Since Monday, I’m going to school again and I return home very late. My school is in Brussels and I live in Genk. I travel by train and with the bus. It takes 2 hours before I arrive at school :/ and then 2 hours again for returning… So imagine how HUNGRY I’ll be when I’m at home…
I’ve decided to prepare my meals so I can eat it in the train. I’m doing this during 3 days and guess what…it works! I don’t attack food anymore when I’m at home :)).

Yesterday and today, before I went to school, I’ve been to the gym for 1 hour and 45 minutes! I also did 200 squats yesterday.

Tomorrow, I’m going to do the insanity workout.

PS: I know that I’m not posting that often anymore but I have a lot of projects to prepare for school. 😦 Wish me luck! And damnn I want to weigh myself 😦


Over sibelsavci

Sibel Savci - 23 years old - student digital marketing & communication @EHSAL Management School in Brussels - KDrama & KPop Addict! "K" stands for KOREAN <3

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