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Playlist during the workouts

Hi bloggers! I want to refresh my playlist because I’m listening always to the same songs during 1 year 😀 any suggestions?

You’re my 100th follower. I love your blog and thank you so much! (:

Thank you!!!! 😀 ow that’s a big honour B-) Your blog is very cool too!! Let’s keep up the good way xP


The difference between a good butt workout and a GREAT butt workout are in the small details.

Butt Blasting Tips1. TIME: The less you rest, the more difficult the workout will be. Take little to no rest between exercises to completely fatigue the muscle.

2. WEIGHT: When doing lunges, step-ups and single-leg workouts, put all your weight on the working leg. Many people will shift their weight on the opposing foot to give the working leg a rest. Or, they will step up, and then step their weight down. To amp your workout up, using step-ups for example, only tap the back foot on the ground instead of shifting your weight back on the ground. You will feel a noticeable difference just focusing your weight on the working leg without even trying a new exercise.

3. ROM: ROM stands for Range Of Motion. If you want to really work those glutes, it’s…

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