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Too busy :(

Hi hi! I know I didn’t post that much the last days… 

You are probably wondering if I’ve lost some weight, right?

Well, I don’t go to the gym anymore because of my budget. I still do insanity at home and I still eat healthy.

My current weight is: 62,4 kg. 


Ow yeah I love weighing days


I,ve achieved my first target weight!!! (65kg) up to target weight number 2 => 60kg

No weighing today…

I know I KNOW! I had to weigh myself…but I’m still on my period now so I have to wait untill next Monday…

I hope that I’ll weigh <66 kg 😦

Monday = weighing day


Oh yesss! I’m finally getting closer to my first target weight 65kg! Me so happyyy

Target weight

I want to share my target weight. I am 1.54 m and I weigh 67kg. My BMI is too high: 28,3. It has to be between 18,5 and 25.

I have 4 little targets:

1: 65 kg (BMI: 27,4)

2: 60 kg (BMI: 25,3)

3: 55 kg (BMI: 23,2)

4: 50 kg (BMI: 21,2)


Soon, I will achieve my first target and then, it will be time for the second one! When I ‘ve reached my first target weight, I will buy new sport shoes for me 🙂

Pfff I really can’t wait to weigh myself 😦

I keep weighing myself :(

I was weighing myself every morning and sometimes, also in the evenings! I’ve decided TODAY (:P) to weigh myself once a week. So from now on, Monday mornings will be my weighing days ! 😀

My enemy and friend...the scale

My enemy and friend…the scale


Weight loss

04/07/2012: 75 kg

04/08/2012: 71 kg

04/09/2012: 69 kg

04/10/2012: 68,5 kg

04/11/2012: 69 kg

04/12/2012: 70 kg

04/01/2013: 70, 4 kg

04/02/2013: 67 kg

04/03/2013: ?