Too busy :(

Hi hi! I know I didn’t post that much the last days… 

You are probably wondering if I’ve lost some weight, right?

Well, I don’t go to the gym anymore because of my budget. I still do insanity at home and I still eat healthy.

My current weight is: 62,4 kg. 


Insanity … pure cardio WTH??!!

Today … I thought I was dying! Insanity day 5: Pure cardio was very hard! It was like: Sayy whattt??!!  I had problems with breathing but I didn’t give up. I have done it with my workout buddy so it was kinda fun …but seriously, I really thought I was dying. I wanted to kill Shaun T 😀 but I didn’t mean it haha

Andddd do not forget the February squats! I’ve done 140 squats today. That was very hard too 😦 .

Insanity workout!

Today (10/02), I’ve done the insanity workout programm day 4  Cardio Recovery. It was totally OK. Stretch exercises,…

I’ve done it together with my bestfriend. She’s my workout buddy :-P. Exercising can be fun when you’re not alone! So pick up a workout buddy and go for it… You will laugh etc… and won’t give up that easy.

Tomorrow…I’ll go to the gym again. I’ve kinda missed it :S .